Android App Privacy Policy


Authentic Wombatica Software Android apps are only available from Google Play Store. Always update to the latest version to make sure this privacy policy is in effect.

App Permissions

Our apps may request permissions to access data from your camera sensor, microphone and photo album. This data is handled as personal and sensitive information and it is only handled locally on your device.


When you use the sharing functions in our apps, the actual sharing is delegated to other apps and services. For information about privacy in sharing, please refer to privacy policies of apps and services that you use for sharing.

User Data Policy

We keep our apps free by showing advertising from Google. Google may use the advertising identifier stored on your device to personalize the ads based on your Google activity. You can reset the advertising identifier in the Google Ad Settings of your Android device (Settings > Google > Ads). In Google Ad Settings you can also opt out of ad personalization.

Google stores your advertising data in your Google Activity. To learn how Google uses the data, please visit this link: How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services. For information on how to delete data from your Google Activity visit this link: Delete your activity.

Our apps may also collect app usage statistics which we use to improve the apps. This data contains contextual information about user sessions, for example, coarse level location (country/city), device model and Android version. It also contains data about app usage, for example, which screens and features are used the most. The statistical data is stored in Google Analytics. It does not contain personal data.

Compliance with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you live in a European country where General Data Protection Regulation is in effect, you can select personalized or non-personalized ads. The selection dialog is presented to you when you first start using the app. You can also access your ad preferences from the menu on the app’s main screen. If you select non-personalized ads, Google’s data processing is restricted and the advertising identifier is used only to make the advertising system function properly. The ads will be less relevant to you.

We do not collect app usage statistics from GDPR users.

Compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

For users from the US state of California, Google’s data processing is restricted and non-personalized ads are shown.

Updated August 21, 2021